One Token = An Entire Industry

"I believe the Crypto Future Wealth Platform is going to be a revolutionary addition to the crypto world"

The Platform

The cryptocurreny market is vastly changing the world around us and provides a unique opportunity for growth. Finding the best growth opportunities though takes time. Lots of time. Time to research, trade, build positions and monitor the cryptocurrency market. Our platform does all of this for you in an actively managed portfolio, saving you the most valuable asset in the world. Your time.

100% Distributed
100% distribution means that no one is on a free-ride. Team members have not set aside any tokens for themselves and purchased all of the tokens they own. We believe in the platform so much, that we've put our money where our mouths are.

Long-term growth doesn't come from one area, it comes from a well diversified portfolio. Our investment strategy covers many areas of the crypto market and constantly adjusts to market conditions.

In an industry full of anonymity, transparency to token holders is extremely important to us. We've built a dashboard to clearly show the platform's assets and performance. You'll be able to clearly see what is where and how it's doing.

Investment Strategy

Cryptocurrencies are a volatile and new industry that is vastly changing the world around us. The Token is geared towards long-term growth and income generation from the industry Our focus does not just rely on the trading and investment of cryptocurrencies, but also on the enhancement of the industry through project funding. It is multi-tiered to provide proper diversification and multiple streams of growth to the Company.

Presales and ICOs
Pre-sales and ICOs, also known as Token Generation Events have become a new way for projects to raise crypto through crowdfunding to launch their ideas or grow existing ones. The Company will perform ongoing and extensive research into upcoming ICOs (TGE, ITO) and make purchases of their tokens.

Position Building
Position building is an integral part of the long-term investment strategy. Cryptocurrencies which have been determined to be fundamentally strong will be purchased over periods of time to acquire a sizable position proportional to the rest of the portfolio. These long-term holdings provide growth and diversity to the portfolio.

Mining & Masternodes
In addition to purely investing and building positions in cryptocurrencies and ICOs, the Company intends to use proceeds to stake various cryptocurrencies which generate another crypto in return for the staking, much like a time-deposit at a bank. Examples of such cryptos include NEO which produces GAS as it is held.

Token Holder Dashboard

The Token holder dashboard provides the current NAV and NAV per Token and their respective histories This data is continually visible through the Token holder dashboard. The current holdings of the Platform are also visible giving insight into the diversity of the holdings and what investment strategies are currently being utilised.

  • View the current NAV per token price in real-time.
  • Clearly see the diversification level of the portfolio.
  • See which tokens the platform is holding and how they're performing.
  • Track the performance of the Token and NAV per token price over time.
  • Complete all compliance procedures fast and easy. KYC, AML, etc...
  • Purchase CFWP Tokens.

Security and Storage

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in particular often have an anonymous aspect to them which can bring increased risks and security issues. We take security and compliance very seriously and have measures in place to mitigate risk. Your account data is also stored encrypted and securely. We never store more than we need to maintain compliance.

Hardware Wallets
The holdings of the Company are held in hardware wallets which require physical access for an outgoing transaction to take place. Where a hardware wallet such as Trezor or Ledger Nano S does not support the token being held by the Company, then those tokens will be held on encrypted USB drives.

Secure Backups
All of these wallets and their private keys are backed up securely in offsite vault locations, spread across multiple jurisdictions. The private keys are stored separately from the wallets themselves.


"Two and Twenty"
The fund operates on the standard “two and twenty” fee structure. This fee structure consists of a management fee of 2% per annum of the net asset value of the Company (the “NAV”) and a performance fee calculated as 20% of any increase in NAV, calculated monthly. If there is no gain, there is no performance fee although the management fee will still be payable.